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SSH is a replacement remote login application such as telnet , rsh , and rlogin , which is much safer . Was first developed by the OpenBSD project and then release version p ( port ) be managed by the team ported to other operating systems , including Linux operating system . The main function of this application is to access the machine remotely . Forms of remote access that could be obtained is access to text mode and graphics mode / X if its configuration permits . scp a family member ssh is a secure replacement application rcp , sftp family is that it can be used as a replacement for ftp . With SSH , all conversations between servers and clients is encrypted . That is , if the intercepted conversations , eavesdroppers may not understand its contents . Imagine if you 're doing maintenance on the remote server , of course, with a privileged account , without your knowledge , the account and the password is intercepted another person , then your server is turned upside down after that . Ubuntu Server introduces a powerful collection of tools for remote control of the computer network and data transfer among networked computers , called OpenSSH . OpenSSH is a free version available from the family ( SSH ) Secure Shell protocol tool for remotely controlling a computer or transferring files between computers . Traditional tools used to achieve the functions , such as telnet or rcp , are insecure and transmit the user's password in cleartext when used . OpenSSH provides a server daemon and client tools to facilitate secure , encrypted remote control and file transfer operations , effectively replacing the legacy tools . OpenSSH server component , sshd , listen continuously for client connections from one client tools . When a connection request occurs , sshd set up the correct connection depending on the type of tool connects clients . For example , if the remote computer is connecting with the ssh client application , the OpenSSH server makes a remote control session after authentication . If the remote user is connected to the OpenSSH server with scp , the OpenSSH server daemon start safely copy files between the server and client after authentication . OpenSSH can use the authentication methods , including plain password , public key , and Kerberos tickets .